Arden Equine Pool

We are a family run business with 50 years equine experience including training race horses and swimming horses for over 30 years. The "Equine Hydrotherapy" pool is located in a purpose built barn adjacent to eight internal stables, washroom and solarium. In all there are a total of 15 stables to be used in conjunction with the Equine pool..

Horses do not need to be taught to swim but they do need assistance in learning a good technique. Generally they love to swim. Once they become familiar with the technique they are able to build on the amount of time they spend in the water.

The straight "Equine Hydrotherapy" pool enables the horse to swim with a straight and even posture so that all muscles are worked equally. The 140ft straight pool has rubberised slip resistant gradual descent entry and exit ramps. It has three pump filtration system keeping chlorinated water clean and clear. The pool has a maximum depth of 12ft.

Experienced Handlers Only. No trainees or students

After swimming, in order to ensure horses are comfortable, all horses are dried off in the solarium. This also increases circulation helping to dissipate any acids built up during exercise.

As well as single swimming sessions, Arden Equine Pool will assist in the rehabilitation and conditioning of your horse in a safe and caring environment.

In the event of a prolonged stay with us we can make use of our well designed and equipped stables, our excellent exercise facilities, the horse walker for mobility, the all weather surface for ridden activities and the lunging area for specialist exercise performed by our in-house Mc Timoney-Corley Equine Spinal Therapist.

Swimming can assist in the treatment of laminitis, excessive weight, and horses suffering from a variety of foot injuries. It can relieve the boredom of horses confined to box rest.

We work closely with your vet to ensure that all treatments and physical therapy sessions are performed as prescribed for your horse.

Equine Hydrotherapy is a low-impact way to recondition a horse after injury or surgery—or to condition a horse generally. "Equine hydrotherapy improves strength, conditioning, joint and soft tissue flexibility. Equine history has shown it's a great way to help our equine athletes perform at a high level."